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If you are an only child, you have probably heard about common stereotypes of such children as spoiled, selfish and demanding. Over a hundred years ago an American child psychologist Granville Stanley Hall added fuel to the fire when he claimed, ‘Being an only child is a disease in itself.’ Since then it has been found out that there is no considerable difference between only children and everyone else. Moreover, in the US, Australia, the UK and much of Europe the number of parents choosing to stop at one child is constantly growing.

Two only children (and mothers of only children) share their opinions on the matter.

Helena (Greece)

Some people say that I’m probably an only child because I’m accustomed to getting what I want. My daughter is an only child too. I always dreamed about having two children – a boy and a girl. Then came Christina and I was thinking about having another child, say, in two years. But time went by, I had to work late every day... So, I decided that it wouldn’t be a good idea to give birth to a child and not be able to be with him or her. Christina is now thinking about having children herself. But young couples see how difficult and how expensive it is to raise a child here.’

Simone (France)

People usually think that only children are spoiled. I’m an only child and I was actually spoiled! But not with things! I was spoiled with love and now I’m trying to spoil my child with love too. I had never heard so many reactions before I told people I just wanted one child, especially when I was pregnant with Jacqueline. As for me, to have one child is a lifestyle choice. It gives me an opportunity to do everything I want. It’s perfect the way it is!’




common stereotype – распространённый стереотип

selfish – эгоистичный

to add fuel to the fire – подливать масла в огонь

considerable – значительный, существенный

to stop at – (зд.) остановиться на чём-либо

to raise a child – воспитывать ребёнка

spoiled withиспорченный чем-либо

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