Задание 1.3.2

Определите значения отмеченных предлогов в уже известном Вам тексте. Укажите эти значения в окне ответа. Для ответа используйте предложенный шаблон:

1. in - имеет значение ...
и т. д.

(Подсказка: при выполнении этого задания пользуйтесь одноязычными словарями).

А New Kind of Elite

Twenty or so boys dressed (1) in white tie and tails are being taught (2) at Eton College, the exclusive boys' school 35 km west (3) of London. (4) For centuries Eton – founded (5) in 1440 – has been synonymous (6) with privilege, the place where Britain's elite is given its polish and an air of entitlement.

(7) For years, many of Britain's proud meritocrats have thought (8) of the school as typifying everything that was wrong (9) about а class-bound society. Its graduates include 19 British Prime Ministers, a lot of famous economists and writers. (10) In а more meritocratic age Eton became a synonym (11) for "English aristocrat." Its well-wrong image is as а finishing school (12) for not-necessarily-deserving boys whose parents can afford $44,000 (13) in fees each ear to ensure they develop the easy confidence, posh accent and useful contacts that guarantee access (14) to the top (15) of British society.