1.20 Упражнение

Посмотрите на пары предложений и выпишите в тетрадь те, которые вы слышите.

1. a. The coat is worn.              b. The coat is warm.

2. a. The sum is so big!             b. The sun is so big!

3. a. I might move to                b. At night move to Moscow.


4. a. There is a pear in             b. There is a bear in that tree

that tree.

5. a. Let’s lift the pan.              b. Let’s lift the ban.

6. a. What a useful pin!            b. What a useful bin!

7. a. I need a copy.                  b. I need a coffee.

8. a. The ferry was late.           b. It was very late.

9. a. Let me collect                  b. Let me correct the papers.

the papers.

10. a. The red card is mine.    b. The red cart is mine.

11. a. That’s a good price!      b. That’s a good prize!

12. a. He wants to live.           b. He wants to leave.

13. a. Who saw the islands?  b. Who saw the highlands?


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